£297.00 GBP

Add Guided and Gong Meditations.

What you'll get:

    • 2 x live recordings of gong bath's including koshi bells, singing bowls, gong and voice. Great for beginners. (usually £12 each)
    • Live recording of Recharge Meditation to help boost energy levels. Great for a morning practice. (Usually £7)
    • Live recording of Be Here Now guided meditation to come into the present moment. (Usually £7)
    • Live recording of the popular Unwind meditation with live singing bowls. Release stress and tension. Unwind and let go. Great as an evening or bedtime practice. (Usually £7)
    • BONUS: Pre recorded meditation to let go.
    • BONUS: 1 x Never released before 90 minute pure gong, gong bath. Go deeper with your gong meditation! (Usually £15.99)
    • TOTAL VALUE = £60.99. 
    • You pay just £19.99 £9.99 for lifetime access when you add at checkout

[All recordings can be played directly in app or through the Kajabi phone app for mobile use. Recordings may not in any way be downloaded, distributed or re-sold. Please note unless otherwise stated these are live recordings, not studio recordings. Copyright Rachael Welford 2020 ]

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Imagine you, but happier, calmer & stress-free.

After this course, your friends will be dying to know your stress relief secrets. 

The world has been a funny old place recently. We've gone from baking banana bread and doing PE with Joe Wicks, to binge-watching MAFS Australia, lacking the basic motivation to click “quick buy” on Amazon and slip out of our pyjamas bottoms for work. All the way through to 50/50 WFH back in the office and holidays with vaccine shots and PCR tests. To say the last 18 months have been stressful is an understatement.

If you're feeling it right now, fear not, I have your back!

If you're feeling: 

  • Exhausted! You just can't seem to get motivated. 
  • The juggle is real! You're spinning too many plates.
  • The pressure to be perfect is too much, & it's making you feel worse.
  • You’re sick of working from home. Life feels like one big stress-filled groundhog day.
  • 60 hour weeks are becoming the norm and if Karen asks you for one more “quick favour” you think you’ll lose it.
  • You know you should be jogging, doing that digital yoga class, having a nice warm bath, doing your positive affirmations and that “self-care isn’t selfish” but like, really! Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Life's feeling a bit much and the last thing you need is some wellbeing guru telling you what you should be eating and how “you should be able to cope” because “we’re coming out of lockdown and it’s really not that bad.”

What if it didn't need to be this way?

  • What if you could soothe your stress in a simple way that took less than 10 minutes a day
  • Wouldn’t it feel nice to understand yourself and your stress and feel like you again?
  • What if you could get to a place where Karen didn't bother you anymore? 

I’ll help take the stress out of stress relief. Take a deep breath - slip your hand in mine, let’s do this.

You’re not alone in feeling like this. I can help you, let me guide you.

  • No more having to think about how to fix yourself and get out of the rut.
  • Realising there is nothing wrong with you & you didn't do anything wrong.
  • Imagine the relief when you’re able to take the pressure off yourself.
  • Learn to shut down that little voice that’s always putting you down and finally relax.

Stress Free Me shares:

  • New, science-based, transformational technique that I’m pretty sure you’ve never tried before.
  • Quick and easy tools, that for most people provides immediate relief.
  • Short, easy to follow lessons.
  • Language you’ll connect with, no weird jargon or fluffy wellbeing crap.
  • What stress type is your go-to, and the correct tool to stop it in its tracks.

  • Useful information on why your body does what it does so you stop feeling so stupid and out of control when it happens.

  • How to notice the warning signs early so you can save yourself (from yourself).

  • Your stress is valid so you can let go of feeling like you "should be able to cope" and simply get on with your day.

  • The results you get will make you excited to complete it!


I mean you could do nothing, sure.

You can probably deal with this yourself, right?

You just need that holiday, or a week of sleep to catch yourself up… how long have you been telling yourself that for?

We both know you’re not yourself when you’re stressed. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, but if you’re anything like me and my clients, you do all kinds of crazy things:

  • 7 espressos before lunch.
  • That now infamous passive aggressive email.
  • Pretending you smoke just so you can get outside for a break.
  • Sending that rant text about Karen to your work wife but realising you actually sent it directly to karen - No f***ing way! NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Unsend, please please please, unsend!
  • Thinking that dairy milk is dinner *shrugs*
  • Pretending you got up early for a jog (when you actually woke up at 4 am with work anxiety and couldn’t get back to sleep)

So it’s up to you.

You in for some cool, fun, new techniques that’ll get you to serious levels of stress soothing or you wanna launch your laptop off the balcony, taking Karen with it?

What’s it gonna be?

You know you want to - just click to join and simply, soothe your stress.