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These DIY courses and listen on-demand recordings are there when you need them!

Lifetime Access via laptop or through the app means you can access any time, anywhere, at your convenience. Think of it as having your own wellbeing butler in your pocket. 

Guided & Gong Meditations

Live From Lockdown is a series of 7 guided and gong meditations to help you find your calm.

I need to relax!

Stress Free Me Course

After this course, people will be asking you what your secret is! Like you only stress free.

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Happy Habits Club

The feel-good community for Women who want to manifest the life they dream of and be supported whilst they do it. 

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Say YES to Happiness!

If you need a little more help with discovering your happiness and connecting to it, my 6-week signature course is for you. 

What I have learned over time is that most people with permission and a road map are unstoppable! I will provide you with both of these things so that you can thrive and begin to live the life you dream of.

I'll guide you to find your happiness sat nav and hop on that highway for the adventure of a lifetime!

Stop people pleasing and start living for you! 

January 2022

Starts 28th January 2022 for 6 weeks.

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September 2022

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