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Hi, I'm Rachael. I help high-achieving women like you, reclaim their life from anxiety to live a life without limits. 

The best thing is, I'll guide you to do it without a lifetime of medication, or years of meditation.

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Living with anxiety shrinks your world. It stops you from enjoying time with loved ones, limits your income potential, creates complicated dynamics in romantic relationships and generally stops you from going after what you really want and know you deserve in life.  Use the tools below to reclaim your power over your anxiety.

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Whether you are looking for a mini-course, anxiety-reducing guided meditations or a deep dive tune-up of your nervous system. I have you covered.

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Step out of your anxiety and into the freedom of a happier and healthier you. Clear your head, clear your fear and clear your schedule as you are about to know what a life without anxiety feels like girl! 

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You won't believe how quickly you can shift from full-blown anxiety to a clearer head, more confidence and better sleep. Join us for a gong bath or event in London or Online.

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Rachael regularly shares her super-effective tools, strategies and sound healings in the press & with businesses internationally helping thousands of people live anxiety-free.

What would you do if anxiety was a thing of the past? 

Imagine for a moment being able to live your life free of anxiety... No more self-doubt, overthinking or beating yourself up. Imagine the freedom! 

What if with daily practice and rituals you could finally live anxiety-free? What if life felt like a curious adventure, instead of a terrifying nightmare?

I spent my life living with anxiety and depression and I learned that it is possible to live a happy life, even when you're up against trauma and a mental health diagnosis. I've helped hundreds of people just like YOU and I can show you too.